Harnessing the Power of Reverse Genetics

Platform Genetics’ core service, Deep Variant Scanning (DVS), enables clients to harness the power of reverse genetics for trait development and crop improvement.

The DVS platform is essentially a series of laboratory and bioinformatics pipelines that can rapidly identify genetic variation across a large population of plants using high-throughput DNA sequencing. Proprietary alignment-free algorithms identify variants in the population, followed by high-throughput genotyping to identify specific lines carrying the genetic variant of interest. Lines harbouring variant alleles that confer desirable traits can then be introgressed into new cultivars to produce strains tailored for commercial purpose.

Deep Variant Scanning (DVS),

The patent-protected technology is rapid, cost-effective and suited to any crops including polyploid species, species with large genomes and outcrossing/heterozygous species. DVS can be used in permanently-archived variant populations and transient variant populations or to access naturally-occurring genetic variation in germplasm collections.

DVS Workflow


From gene to seeds carrying genetic variation in under four weeks



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