Vision & Mission

Platform Genetics is a recognized leader in providing trait development and genomics services to plant breeders around the world.

To make plant breeding programs more efficient and effective, thereby decreasing time to market.

The Platform Genetics Facility

Platform Genetics is co-located with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, giving it access to an impressive array of equipment and facilities.

Our team has access to:

  • Tecan and Meridian liquid handling robotics systems
  • Illumina and Oxford nanopore sequencing systems
  • PCR thermocyclers and real-time instruments
  • Idaho lightscanners for high-resolution DNA-melting genotyping
  • Xevo qTOF mass spectrometer with ultra-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography inlets
  • Bruker gas chromatography mass spectrometry instrument

For population development and plant phenotyping projects, Platform Genetics has access to a 130-acre farm and a state-of-the-art pre-commercial greenhouse facility, with a high degree of environmental control and strict biosecurity protocols. Within the greenhouse, sophisticated plant phenotyping equipment is utilized including: Phenospex PlantEye multispectral plant imaging system, custom arrays of plant moisture sensors and modern Conviron controlled environment systems.

Platform Genetics is a spin-off company of Vineland Research and Innovation Centre


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