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Platform Genetics is a trait development and genomics service company addressing the needs of seed companies and public-sector plant breeding programs.

Platform Genetics’ core service, Deep Variant Scanning (DVS), enables clients to harness the power of reverse genetics for trait development and crop improvement. Our patent-protected technology is rapid, cost-effective and suited to any crops including polyploid species, species with large genomes and outcrossing/heterozygous species.

DVS can be used in permanently-archived variant populations and transient variant populations or to access naturally-occurring genetic variation in germplasm collections.


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Additional Services Offered


High-throughput DNA extraction

Genomic DNA extraction according to customer specifications (concentration, volume, quality) for downstream sequencing or genotyping applications.

High-throughput genotyping and data analysis

High-resolution DNA melting (HRM)-based assays for marker-assisted selection, trueness-to-type, hybrid-cross confirmation, recurrent parent similarity or variety ID.

Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS)

Simultaneously discover Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in a population and genotype all members of the population. Useful for SNP discovery, genetic diversity analysis and genetic distancing.

Whole genome sequencing

Genome sequencing, assembly and gene annotation using the latest technologies (10X genomics, Phase Genomics, PacBio, Oxford Nanopore, Illumina).

Genetic mapping and marker development

Custom QTL mapping projects to develop trait-linked markers.

Metabolic profiling

Waters Xevo qTOF enables untargeted, discovery-based metabolomics investigation.

Custom Genetic Variant Population Development

Chemical mutagenesis dose determination, large-scale treatment and population archiving.


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