Moving beyond targeted analysis with metabolomic profiling

How can a trusted team of plant biochemists accelerate your product development? Platform Genetics’ metabolomic profiling and non-GMO metabolic engineering can help.


Metabolomics in trait development

Metabolomics in trait development


Mass spectrometry-based metabolite profiling

  • Hypothesis generating
  • Relative quantification of thousands of features
  • Efficient and effective way to identify differences between samples
  • Generates a short list of compounds differentially accumulating between genotypes/treatments
  • Powered by a high-resolution mass spectrometer and sophisticated data processing software for metabolomics


How can metabolomics work for you?

Hops with sample compound overlay

  • New pathway discovery and characterization
  • Matching chemical profiles with consumer demands
  • Characterizing attractants and deterrents of plant pests and pathogens
  • Combining with Deep Variant Scanning reverse genetics platform for non-GMO metabolic engineering
  • Applications in any crop species powered by Platform Genetics’ database of plant metabolite structures and masses